North Queensland's leading private investigations and surveillance firm was established in 2008 and has more than 30 years of diverse investigative experience and covert skills. We are a professional and reputable agency, with proven results. Our no obligation discussions, are tailored to suit your investigation needs.
Specialising in surveillance, observations and following people, we cover city and rural areas. With hundreds of cases and thousands of hours under our belt, we work with major insurers, legal firms and individuals to cover all types of investigations. Our agents are equipped with the latest technology and a thorough understanding of tactics, laws and regulations. Everything we do, is admissible in court cases.
We aim to help people and solve problems. Let us find a cost effective solution for your situation, and take the stress away. Our ethical and competent investigators will be happy to discuss how we can assist. From our Townsville base, our private investigators can also travel across the state and are networked with only the best associates across Australia. Please browse our website, Facebook page or contact us today.

Cheating Spouse


Family Law





  • Cheating partners & spouses
  • Workplace thieves & bad staff
  • Employee activity on sick days
  • Employer & WorkCover claims
  • Mystery shopper & covert roles
  • Hen's & buck's nights covered
  • Rural, remote & bush specialists
  • Check personal injury claimants
  • Workplace incidents & accidents
  • Worker misconduct & grievances
  • Sexual harassment cases
  • Anti-discrimination cases
  • Records of interview
  • Witness statements
  • General insurance claims
  • Liability, CTP & travel claims
  • Disputed will inquiries
  • Briefs of evidence reviewed
  • Deed of Settlement negotiations
  • Locate missing clients & witnesses
  • Document & handwriting analysis
  • Field calls & safe hands courier
  • Incident scene photography
  • Road crash & heavy vehicle consults
  • Family Law Court Order breaches
  • Wayward teens activity
  • Missing children inquiries
  • Recording to prevent false allegations
  • Background checks on new partners
  • Find your ex or child's new address
  • Process serving family law papers
  • Private DV applications & breaches
  • Theft & fraud investigations
  • Welfare checks on sick staff
  • Check staff start/end times off site
  • Business counter intelligence
  • Employee conflict of interest
  • Pre-employment backgrounds
  • Intellectual property & trademark
  • Franchise & restriction of trade
  • Tracking bad debtors & lost assets
  • Child & teenager activity
  • Missing person inquiries
  • Employee activity on sick leave
  • Adoption tracing & family tree cases
  • Welfare house calls for sick or elderly
  • Cheating spouse or partner activity
  • School reunion assistance searches
  • Bug sweeps for covert devices
  • Phone & tablet examinations
  • Computer forensic analysis
  • Internet dating background checks
  • Lie detector & polygraph tests
  • GPS devices vehicles & equipment
  • Reverse name/phone/address checks
  • DNA sample comparison tests
  • Welfare checks on the sick or elderly
  • Real estate pre purchase inquiries
  • Tennant backgrounds & rental skips
  • Land title searches — Aust. wide
  • Internet dating validations
  • Prepare & organise your complaint
  • Gather your evidence & present it
  • Stalking complaints & harassment
  • Domestic Violence Order breaches
  • Bad neighbour behaviour & remedies
  • Victims checked on level of restrictions
  • Criminal history & court outcomes
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