About Us

Surveillance NQ is an owner/operated private investigations firm. We specialise in working across North Queensland, based in Townsville. Our local knowledge and contact network gives us an unfair advantage over many firms. You will deal directly with the agent working on your case.

With more than 30 years police and investigations experience, we are accredited with most major insurers, government, legal firms, and individuals we cover all types of investigations. To work with clients and understand, often unique case requests, takes good listening skills, empathy and patience.

We are here to help people, offer fixes and solve problems. Let us find a solution for your needs. Our investigators are equipped with the latest technology and have as a thorough understanding of tactics and regulations.

Qualifications and Licences

We are proud to list our many achievements, certificates and licences for clients;

  • Certificate III in Investigative Services
  • Certificate IV in Government Investigations
  • Qld Private Investigators Licence
  • Diploma of Public Safety (Policing)
  • Diploma of Public Safety (Surveillance)

Surveillance NQ are licensed to operate throughout Townsville and all of Queensland. To be licensed, investigators must pass stringent police checks and other clearances. We hold security vetted clearances for some of our national and government clients.

Police Courses

We have completed a variety of police courses, while serving with the police force, including:

  • Surveillance operatives
  • Undercover selection
  • Investigative skills
  • Crime analysts
  • Intelligence officers
  • Cybercrimes
  • Accident investigations
  • Auto theft & stolen vehicles
  • Fraud & economic crime
  • Liquor investigators
  • Stolen property identification
  • Cert IV training

To stay up-to-date with a demanding industry and ever changing technologies, we regularly undertake training and attend conferences and forums to be as up to date as possible. This passion drives our proven results and keeps us motivated to help.


Joining the Police Force in 1986, we performed uniform duties and later detective work. As a first responder and initial investigator was common; working with matters such as domestics, disturbances, homicides, robberies, missing children and serious vehicle accidents, taught us skills that now prove invaluable as a PI.

Police work requires developing a level of trust with witnesses and suspects, including uncooperative suspects. This gave us a good understanding of people and an ability to read people through body language and other indicators.

Having to deal with all types of people on simple and complex matters, in many different and trying situations, law enforcement backgrounds offer exposure to more tricks of the trade, civilian trained people only ever read about. Local knowledge and established contacts has been effective in assisting investigation outcomes that would be missed by other agents.

We investigated major crime cases whilst in the Criminal Investigation Branch for several years. Serious and complex crimes such as murders, armed robbery, kidnappings, prison escapes and extortions were investigated successfully. We also worked and ran the Intelligence Section, Property Crime Squad, Fraud Task Force and an Auto Theft Unit.

Retiring from the Police Service in 2008, we are now very much sought after in the corporate and business world due to our dedication, tact, diligence, tenacity and the positive results consistently provided. We continue to solve problems and give clients other options rather than tackling matters alone or ineffectively. With thousands of hours and hundreds of jobs completed successfully, we must be doing something right. Starting with one PI firm as a sub-contractor, it quickly grew to a dozen. As our reputation for getting results grew, we gained many local law firms, government and statutory bodies, national corporations and local businesses as clients.

We never forgot the little guys either, and continue working on private cases for mums and dads, husbands and wives, most anyone who calls for help. We rely on word of mouth recommendations in this trade.

Surveillance and Covert Duty

Much of our experience was gained from many years spent in a Police Drug Squad. Performing as a detective and later undercover, surveying and apprehending drug dealers, suppliers, producers and couriers was the norm, the art of staying on your toes was quickly mastered.

Successful investigative outcomes were a result of bush craft when involving cannabis crops, and street smarts, on buying and detecting other drugs. The art of being a sleuth was necessary to apprehend interstate targets and major networks involved in organised crime.

As a team leader of the Surveillance Unit, we mastered counter surveillance techniques and refined lengthy covert operations, a craft in its own right. Picking up on those early behavioural indicators are so important in being successful and remaining discreet.

Our experience is essential in attaining positive outcomes for our clients. In this industry, cheaper is not better. Experience does count, and assists in cost effective solutions.

Our Rates

Requests by customers vary considerably, each task has different demands and risks. We price and quote each job on its own merits, expenses and timings. Feel free to call us to discuss your job. Not many PI jobs are the same, as each task has different demands and risks.

The insurance industry often use 20 hour blocks for lifestyle and activity checks on personal injury claims. Many private cases are less than half that, on average a cheaters case, if timed right can be solved in only a few hours.

There is a 3 hour minimum invoice and we are similar in prices to tradesman. Contact us for a quote. 4 hour minimums apply on weekends and holidays.

Our Terms

  • Initial consultations are free. Consultations that exceed 20 minutes may be billed.
  • Invoices are a minimum of 3 hours, excluding welfare checks and document service.
  • Saturday and Sunday rates attract penalty loading with a minimum of 4 hours billed.
  • Standard rates are 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Shift rates are all other times.
  • Public and seasonal holidays are subject to higher loading as an agreed rate.
  • If costs are outstanding or a bill is disputed, we may hold results until resolved.
  • If required to attend court as a witness in your matter, prior payment is required.
  • Late cancellation of a job (<24hrs) incurs a $100 fee. Common sense applies.
  • Travel time to/from a job is billed at an hourly rate, vehicle kilometres additional.
  • Accommodation, airfares, meals & other expenses are at actual costs.

Privacy Policy

Surveillance NQ aims to act in good faith to protect the privacy of our operatives, clients, internet site visitors or anyone seeking our advice or services for any lawful purpose. You are not protected against legal privilege or process of law. We must and do comply with the National Privacy Principles and the Commonwealth Privacy Act. Surveillance NQ work under State laws of Judges Rules, Evidence Act, Invasion of Privacy Act, and the Security Providers Act and Regulations.

1. We will not disclose to anyone information about our clients, the nature of their business or inquiry, email address, IP or other personal or business information gathered from anyone in the course of providing our services, products and advice, unless it is with the explicit written authority from an authorised representative.

2. At the completion of all jobs we only retain a hard copy of our running logs and invoice. Unless instructed to, we do not retain video, audio or photo files. They are destroyed 7 days after completion.

3. Anyone giving verbal briefings or sending email messages or attachments to us for any lawful purpose will not have their information disclosed to anyone not connected with our firm and allocated case. Information we obtain will be held in the strictest of confidence, electronically and verbally. Any information supplied will be only used for the purpose for which it was intended by the sender.

4. In the process of maintaining statistical data about our website's operation and its internet visitors, we collect various data derived through cookies and other standard methods. Such data retrieval from a visitors computer can be blocked by visitor's by the use of suitably configured firewalls and other software and hardware methods. The type of data we collect is the visitor's IP, date and time of visit, entry page and pages viewed, operating system and browser system, screen resolution and plug-in details. The data we gather is retained by us and is used only by us for the purpose of website management and development.

5. Any of the data (including emails and documents) we are given, collect, store or know of in the course of our business is secured in keeping with Section 4.1 of the National Privacy Principles relating to securing and management of personal information. Hard copies are under lock and key in secure file storage cabinets, in a monitored and alarmed area. Electronic copies, once received, are held in stand-alone computers, not connected to the internet. They are transferred onto USB sticks and once secure, the copy is wiped.

6. We are aware of the risk of hacking, viruses, trojans, web bugs or physical intervention with our computer systems. Because of these risks, we maintain several firewalls, the latest antivirus software and attack tracking systems, both physical and electronic. Sensitive data about individuals is encrypted. Data that is incidentally or routinely collected and stored by hosting machines is subject to legal protection and obligation imposed on the owner of the hosting machines. We accept in good faith that the organisations providing hosting services to us protect the privacy of individuals about whom data may reside on their machines.

7. All or any of the commitments expressed above are relinquished where we are required to cooperate with a lawful process of a law enforcement agency, duly authorised by law to access such data and information, or are required to relinquish such commitment under legal process or subpoena.

New Customers

  • We require payment upfront (based on estimated costing) at least 24 hours prior to the start of the job. Any difference will be billed afterwards. Payment terms are strictly 7 days on any outstanding amounts and results are withheld until payment is received.
  • We prefer payment to be made by EFT & will advise you of the required banking details by return email.
  • Payment can also be made via cash, PayPal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX). Cheques are not accepted.
  • If you or the subject/target are named in any Family Law or Domestic Violence orders, you must advise us of this & supply a copy of the order & your ID before we can start.
  • Returning customers receive a discounted hourly rate as a loyalty reward.

Business Customers

  • Surveillance NQ offer 14 day accounts to legal professionals, insurers & other private investigation firms.
  • Rates for these customers are fixed for one year, with annual price reviews to match CPI.
  • Returning customers receive a discounted hourly rate as a loyalty reward.
  • Retainers may be accepted by agreement.
  • Pro-bono work is not undertaken.

Surveillance NQ

ABN: 62676949595

Qld PI License: 3272750

Qld Office of Fair Trading - Check a Security Licence - CLICK HERE