Surveillance NQ investigators are fully licensed and conduct legal inquiries in a professional and thorough manner. Using an ethical and methodical approach, with common sense and tenacity, we achieve outcomes for clients. All findings can be compiled into concise and accurate reports. All our work is admissible in court and comprehensively planned and structured.
Cases are finalised within agreed timelines, and our investigators provide timely updates to all clients along the way. We stick to allocated budgets strictly. Any overruns are discussed with you prior to incurring any costs, without exception. If you wish to discuss any matter with us, please feel free to contact us or arrange a personal consultation if preferred.

Business & Corporate


Factuals & Incidents


Family Law & Children


Legal Support


Crime & Police


Business and Corporate Investigations

Business intelligence can help to provide valuable information for companies planning to extend their market reach. We can monitor competitors and report on trade volumes, types of clients, peak traffic times and other important details.
Legal practitioners form a large part of our client base. Surveillance NQ can review Briefs of Evidence in police matters, to identify any gaps and to check all procedures were followed correctly. For many assault matters, we can negotiate a Deed of Settlement that can save you thousands and achieve a mutual outcome for all parties. We can also make field calls to assess the suitability of each party for mediation. Our agents can interview and find missing or reluctant witnesses and take statements and affidavits if necessary. We can covertly record interactions to safeguard against retractions, changing stories and for witnesses that are unco-operative. We also work with reputable agencies throughout Australia.
Due diligence inquiries can be undertaken to check on stated facts, whether related to pre purchase of a business, home or equipment; we can ask those questions for you and save time.
Risk management comes in many forms and when gaps are found it can be costly to a business. Protect yourself against these issues before they arise with the help of Surveillance NQ.
Pre-employment checks and background screening can gather information on a job applicant's resume, work ethic, academic record, financial standing, past performance and honesty, among other things. These checks can help identify any concerns with short-listed employees. For example, identifying that a cashier you interviewed left their last 3 jobs under suspicion of theft.
Criminal history checks can and should be obtained on all people offered employment. You need their consent to obtain it, and we can advise you how. These may assist in confirming their identity and background. We check for convictions and any charges, even if they were later dropped or dismissed. Normal return time for a criminal history check is within 10-14 days.
De-bugging is a sweep for hidden electronic listening devices, transmitters and covert cameras. If commercial confidence is essential in negotiating your new contracts, talk to us. We also put your mind at ease if you are concerned about prying eyes. Our experience in detection and sweeping can efficiently locate bugs or covert cameras.
Technical support can be done by our recommended experts. We can send your computer, laptop or tablet away and have it fully forensically emailed for emails, documents, downloads and history. Clients not wishing to be without their computer may prefer our monitoring software.
Reverse phone numbers and addresses can be valuable tools to assist your business. Surveillance NQ uses the same systems as credit agencies, debt collections and liquidators, to get an address from a listed phone number, and the name it is listed under. This system also provides a timeline history of names back to that address, some with date of birth information and years to and from, thus dating the record.
GPS Tracking can be fitted to your own vehicle or fleet. It allows you to instantly find the location of a stolen vehicle, or any employee not answering a phone. We can also set the tracker to map the vehicle's track and speed, or we can adjust settings to allow for live notifications via emails and SMS. Be mindful that Queensland laws restrict the use of GPS trackers to vehicles you own.
Database and internet searches can be helpful in locating people throughout Australia. We can data mine public records, as well as use advanced search techniques and industry subscribed tools not readily available to the public. We can also monitor social media for employees making defamatory remarks, or partners using dating sites.
Mystery shopper services have been used by management and competitors for years. Our experienced agents use covert video cameras, so we can test sales skills, see store layouts and the like. We will ask price information and check on supply times.

Factual and Incident Investigations

Having completed a variety of files, we can conduct a comprehensive factual investigation for you. We work for national corporations, companies, insurers and local businesses alike. With the necessary skills and investigating hundreds of cases, from personal injury claims, Workers Compensation and WorkCover Queensland cases to travel and general insurance claims. These include motor vehicle and compulsory third party (CTP), public liability, income protection, stress and disability claims.
We can thoroughly investigate workplace accidents and other conflict incidents such as sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, bullying, workers misconduct and grievances. Documenting incidents at the time can head off legal action later by dismissed employees, and reduce any liability you may have exposed. Our local private investigators gather facts, take photos, interview witnesses and compile a concise report. Protect yourself against future claims. Contact us to discuss any needs.
Part of these inquiries relate to not only what has happened, and any causes but also what was done right by employers, other employees and human resources. We can show compliance with awards and legislation, following policy and procedures. Your lawyers may later thank you for being diligent and heading off a liability.
With an understanding of what legal exposure you may have, we can also make recommendations, which may help negotiate a case and close it for the best outcome given your circumstances. Using us gives you a high level of independency and it may prevent allegations of bias by terminated or injured staff.

Family Law Investigations

Without a doubt divorces and separations are stressful times for many clients. The initial resentment, hostilities from the opposing party, veiled threats and a lack of understanding how family law applies to child custody and property settlements, can lead to speculations about the future. We advise all clients to consult with lawyers before engaging us to assist and gather facts and evidence in gaining interim orders or trying to vary existing ones.
Family Law Court orders are often daunting and complex, so professional legal help is necessary. First lawyers and then a friendly investigator can help change outcomes, or negotiations. There are children, property, your future finances and more to consider.
Breaches of Court Orders are common. People think they will never be checked on, many tell lies. False allegations and telling half truths arise from heated and passionate exchanges, as different people recall events the way they saw them. We can investigate and follow or observe your ex-partner to gather evidence for any contravention. It may lead to a negotiated outcome in your favour, and avoid the costs of a trial, saving your thousands of dollars.
Child Custody is a fragile area and we often see children used as pawns in a game, by warring parties. We can ensure child handovers are video recorded, to protect against false allegations. We can follow them once handed over, where do they go? Who are they with? Where do they sleep? Does your ex tell the truth? Ask us how today.
Child Support can also be investigated, does your ex work and not declare it or the full amount to the Child Support Agency? Do they have a second job you just heard about? We can assist in you proving this and possibly winning a review, and back payments? Get what is rightfully and morally better for your children. Ask us how today.
Domestic Violence Applications are possible, and used where incidents are known to have occurred and the police never called or failed to take action. Many actions of a controlling or violent person, constitute the behaviour considered and defined under state legislation. We can help you record a potential incident, so there is proof. Let us assist fill in and file the paperwork. Once lodged, gets served by the police. Then your solicitor appears on your behalf once the court date arrives.
Locate a New Address is frequently requested. Find out about new living arrangements not disclosed. We have access to databases, but exes don't or won't update records in time to catch them out by records searches. Then a follow home is the easiest way, from their workplace or a child handover. Do you need peace mind knowing where your children now sleep at night? Is the ex with a new partner or one of your old friends? Are your children safe with this person? Checks can be run on the address and vehicles found there, to establish an identity of occupants and we can take ID photos to show you, you may know them.
Evidence Gathering by us may protect you into the future, whether it is a character profile that shows the ex's behaviour with and without the children. Who are they seeing, do you need to find out? Assets can be and are often concealed or off loaded prior to settlement. Do they drop the children to others while they party with friends, leave them in a car unattended, or scream and shout at them in public? With the knowledge of what actions are frowned on by courts, we can get close enough to capture these important and pivotal moments.
Process Serving documents can be quickly effected by us, including divorce and family law papers, applications to vary orders, witness summonses and more. We usually locate, serve and endorse the oath of service and return to you quickly. Urgent hand delivered letters and safe hand courier available.
Kids and trouble happen when out with the wrong group, or they are bored after school, on weekends and at parties, due to peer group pressure. Who do they spend time with after school or before parents get home? Who visits your home when you are not there? We can help and advise you about missing children, drug use indicators, driving behaviour tracked by GPS device, and juvenile crime matters. Discuss any concerns with us today.


  • Always remain child focused
  • Keep a diary of child custody
  • Record talks with the ex
  • They can record you too
  • Don't react if provoked
  • Be truthful at all times
  • Spend time with the children
  • Be the best parent you can

    Legal Support

    Surveillance NQ offers litigation support to lawyers, barristers and other legal practitioners and professionals. We can assist you and your clients in locating missing persons and interview witnesses, as well as take statements and affidavits. If time or distance is an issue, we can arrange field calls tailored to your needs and budget.
    Assistance is offered in all types family law, child support and child custody cases. We can review police briefs of evidence in criminal cases and check on procedures, looking for loopholes and errors. Our network of close associates and other experts, allows us to provide full computer and phone forensics, road crash analysis, handwriting and document examinations, analysis of fire scenes, auto theft and many other needs.
    We have a network of investigators and other experts available across Queensland and Australia. We can assist in human resources matters such as sexual harassment, anti-discrimination claims and many others. Contact us for rates and to hear our full capabilities.
    Other cases present for example, like some of these listed below:
    Trademark Breaches is a competitor using a similar logo or slogan to your own? We can obtain footage, products and or business cards, contact us to discuss your needs.
    Master Franchise inquiries are checked for compliance of operation and conditions, or address specific problems by franchisee holders that arise in commercial arrangements.
    Intellectual Property theft is often hidden initially but can reduce profits or worse. Has a staff member left your employ, and contacted your clients from his new job?
    Restriction of Trade is a condition in some contracts, that the seller or past employees abstain from like ventures for a limited period, or within certain geographic areas.
    Our private detectives can investigate these breaches and get the necessary evidence you need to file an injunction. With many good strategies and sound understanding for these complex matters, we can stop them quickly and get compliance to save you money now and in the future.

    Crime Investigations and Police Cases

    Crime can affect us all, whether you are a victim in a police case or an insurance customer paying higher premiums. Surveillance NQ can assist you or your business to prepare and organise a complaint before notifying police. Let us check if you suspect something is wrong. We gather your evidence and present it to the police in their format. We have had many cases that led to prosecutions and convictions in the courts.
    Frauds and thefts are increasingly common, perpetrated by staff who misappropriate funds or take cash and/or products. Left unchecked, it can to lead to substantial losses. If you suspect theft may be occurring, contact Surveillance NQ. We can step in early with an internal investigation for you. We provide advice, take records of interviews and make recommendations. Defining the relevant evidence, knowing where to find it and how to handle it is invaluable in speeding up the apprehension of the suspects.
    Our police experience helps make your case more attractive for police to investigate as some of the homework has been completed.
    Domestic Violence Breaches can provide independent evidence where a former partner is making yours, a new partner's or a relative's life more difficult. One example is where no contact or desist clauses are stated in orders. The police are not resourced with surveillance gear, and often do not have the time to prioritise your case. We can investigate for you and gather the required proof, ready to hand over to police with signed statements. Avoid the risk of violence or threats and the stress it causes. If you are concerned you may be in danger, or don't have any orders yet, contact us without delay.
    Domestic Violence Applications are possible, and used where incidents are known to have occurred and the police never called or failed to take action. Many actions of a controlling or violent person, constitute the behaviour considered and defined under state legislation. We can help you record a potential incident, so there is proof. Let us assist fill in and file the paperwork. Once lodged, gets served by the police. Then your solicitor appears on your behalf once the court date arrives. Our agents can assist you to lodge an application for initial temporary orders and variations of existing orders.
    Stalking and harassment frequently occurs in today's society. Are you or a friend a victim? Our agents use various methods to catch people out, such as motion activated and infrared cameras, video surveillance and physical observations. We discuss and plan investigations, which has led to prosecutions, giving the victim peace of mind and safety. Other cases have been mediated. We work to resolve situations before they escalate.
    Computer Hacking has become an offence in Queensland and is basically any unauthorised access of anything restricted or password accessed, such as an ex-partner logging into your Facebook profile or checking your private emails.
    Bad neighbour behaviour is usually annoying and repetitive. Courts require mediation as a first option to resolving a problem. In cases where neighbours can't agree or split the difference, private investigators can help you establish grounds for, and file, a complaint and summons to have them served. If the bad behaviour persists or escalates, we can capture breach evidence and report it to the police for follow up under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act. Let us give you the irrefutable proof for a court win.
    Assault cases with possible jail time are subject to a Victim Impact Statement being accepted in court. We can profile the victim prior to court and check on the stated level of restriction claimed. It may reveal symptoms were overstated. It may reduce your culpability and lower the risk or length of time if sentenced to jail. These are called Deeds of Settlement arrangements. In other property-related offences we can talk to complainants to see if mediation is possible. Please note: Some conditions apply before courts will withdraw charges.
    Missing children are often not given priority until 48 hours have passed. We can parallel or headstart investigations to maximise the chances of an earlier find. If your child is missing, please call us at any time. We consider anyone's missing loved one an emergency.
    Juvenile crime and drug use is widespread. Children may have fallen in with a bad crowd, or are looking for attention through bad behaviour. They may start stealing, defacing public buildings or breaking and entering. Often these concerns are linked to substance abuse, such as alcohol or drugs. If you suspect your child is involved in criminal activity or abusing substances, Surveillance NQ can provide you with assistance. We also have drug test kits available for purchase.
    Criminal Histories: You can ONLY obtain a person's police record, with their prior consent. Many employers require these to be provided as part of a background or pre-employment check.
    Individual court outcomes can be obtained separately, ask us how, fees involved. There are 2 basic types of reports: Costs apply when requesting these records. Allow between 7-10 business days. Contact us for more information.
    Queensland Criminal History from the Queensland Police Service only contains convictions, other court outcomes and sentences from within Queensland.
    Australian Police Certificates from the Federal Police contains all charges a person has faced and any court outcomes, even if charges were withdrawn, dropped or dismissed.
    Contact us to discuss your needs or to seek advice
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