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Surveillance NQ aims to provide a wide range of investigative services to clients needs. Covering many aspects of investigations and surveillance throughout North Queensland, we also network with reputable firms, interstate and across Australia. Let us assist you in a timely and cost effective manner. We have a high level of drive, aiming for the best results in every case.
Our Townsville based agency provides results for personal and business clients alike. In civil and criminal cases, we can make a difference to the outcome or change the situation to a negotiated outcome. Our surveillance, monitoring, evidence gathering and investigations are specialised. Should you have questions about how we can help you, please contact us.







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Cheaters and Infidelity Cases

If you have concerns or doubts about your husband, wife or partner, read our indicator checklist to see if any or all these seem familiar.
  • Are they defensive, aggressive or guarded when quizzed?
  • Are they possessive with their mobile phone or tablet?
  • Are they coming home late without a good excuse?
  • Do they seem to be doing more hours at work?
  • Has your sex life or intimacy diminished recently?
  • Have they bought new items of clothing lately?
  • Have they joined a gym or sport & go without inviting you?
  • Have you noticed any lack of personal affection or details?
  • Are there unexplained trips away or expenses appearing in your statements or accounts?
Contact us for an obligation-free, confidential chat to discuss your options. We often recommend preliminary tactics before engaging our full services. Our professional agents can blend in anywhere and may confirm your suspicions or give you peace of mind if your suspicions are wrong.
Our agents may be able to capture video evidence or advise you what you can do yourself to get confirmation on these odd behaviours.
Surveillance NQ can set your mind at ease with one call and reduce some of the stress involved. Brief us on the issue and we will advise you on the best option, whether that includes following or using software and/or technology first.
Most often, we find the target lies about where they are and who they spend time with. Affairs usually begin between people who meet in the workplace or on the internet. Lie detector and polygraph tests are also available via specialist's referral.



Partner and Spouse Surveillance

Affairs and adultery are a hard knock in life when the shock of being lied to becomes a reality. They have an emotional cost, particularly where children are involved, as well as financial costs after separating. We price these services with this in mind.
If you have concerns, we help by locating them in a place they should not be and can provide you with evidence of them together. Privacy laws can restrict some records we take; although often public displays of affection or missing weddings rings are enough to confirm suspicions. We often follow the other party (if identified) to a rendezvous and then home after, to identify who they are.
Video and covert footage is taken and we can produce a hi-def DVD and photos if you require hard evidence. Surveillance NQ does not keep any files. They are delivered at the end of the surveillance period with a detailed activity log.
During the surveillance, expenses are often incurred to allow us close proximity to the cheater, particularly when they are wining and dining. Our agents cannot record overheard conversation but can listen, where great intelligence is often gathered. Many of these cases run between 5 and 10 hours, and our agents provide you with regular updates.
When beginning surveillance of a spouse or partner, we always ask for any known destination/travel, accommodation details and a physical description. We also check what they were last seen wearing, any identifying features (tattoos, accents), request a recent photo, regular habits (smoker, drinker, gambler etc.) and car details where available.

Internet Dating & Validations

Are you suspicious that your partner is on a dating or hook up site? Do they have a profile, on RSVP, Redhotpie, POF, Zoosk or Tinder, and trying to meet others? Many will have no profile pic and lots are into sexting for the thrills. Those with pics don't care and are easily found. We can do sexting stings, and lay the bait they often take.
We can establish fake profiles to see if they engage in and try to identify them. Monitoring software can also be installed, which is undetectable. It can snapshot computer screens, log email and chat, record sites visited and send live alerts. We can arrange a meeting, and if they turn up while being watched, making their excuse and explanation, irrefutably false.
We can validate someone you meet from these sites to establish the truth, do they live alone, like they say? Invest in checking and safeguarding your future investment in time, emotions or finances.

Hen's and Buck's Nights Covered

We can follow the celebrations and parties over the night of celebrations, to check on the usual loyalties. Anything untoward is video recorded covertly and you get a typed log of events and observations. You may get a happy surprise and remove any doubts, when nothing detrimental occurs, peace of mind is a priceless thing.

Surveillance and Covert Observations

Our aim with surveillance is to monitor a subject person or place, covertly. We gather evidence or intelligence, or check levels of activity, which is documented by video and typed logs. Covert footage may be used as evidence with all video time and date stamped. We can respond quickly and often on short notice. Let us provide you with an option or strategy for any matter with timely updates, photos and intel. Many jobs may require a drive-by run beforehand to assess the value.
Our services are used in injury claims and compensation, cheating partners, family law matters and workplace incidents. We cater to private customers, legal firms, employers, business, insurers and other corporate clients. We are experienced in injury, CTP, travel and income protection claims, and many other investigations or observation cases. Overt observation is rare, but can be used if you need a strong message sent or as a deterrent.
Infidelity and cheating let us answer or eliminate suspicions about your partner or spouse, it can lessen the stress of not knowing.
Injured workers costs the workforce time and money. When you have a dubious or suspicious claim, we can act as employer direct, before WorkCover or your own insurers get interested.
Rural and remote observation work is not for everyone. Bush craft and stealth activity are our specialties. We are equipped with long-range gear to get the shots you need.
Static observation is used in many rural environs, such as diesel theft from a quarry or mine. We can place covert and infrared motion detect cams to get pictures or video footage of suspects in the act or coming to and from.
Good observation is an art and what we do best. Agents must be aware of their surroundings, blend in and not alert the target or raise suspicion of others.
Risk assessment is done on all cases. Unlike TV shows, traffic lights changing ahead can make or break our day. We minimise risks of losing a target. If someone is switched on, it is better to drop them than blow a case. We can re-assess, and continue from a different angle.
Retail businesses suffer losses from employees unlawfully dipping into your till or stealing goods. Our discreet covert cameras can help detect any illegal activity among your staff, helping to deter theft.
Workplace productivity concerns with employees taking advantage of sick days? We can also monitor productivity and attendance, when working off site.
Locate people we can follow people home from work if you need to serve them documents later or confirm where they live, or who comes and goes from an address.
Re-possessors and liquidators use our services to monitor and find assets before they disappear or get relocated.

Well Equipped Agents

All our agents use only the latest technology and high quality gear. Combined with reliable non-descript vehicles, we deliver consistent results. We use digital cameras, hi-def video, HD covert cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, and night vision. Weatherproof bush or trail cams (infrared/motion) and indoor PIR cams are also available for hire. For any other camera requirement please ask.
Found a cheaper agent? Experience does count. Be warned, new agents undercut on price, to get a start. Do they have the skills, field time or reputation? Many make broad claims on their websites, but lack specifics. Our experienced and competent agents will save you money in the long run with our proven trade craft and street smarts.

Technical Services

Computer and Phone Forensics
This is suited to desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones. We use Brisbane based experts. Prices start from $500, and can bet as simple as sending your unit away. Examinations can locate deleted and hidden images, chats, or simply recover lost data you need. These days social media and chat rooms can and do hide many secrets.

We use secure couriers with insurance. If downtime isn't an option, we suggest our expert travels to you, airfare costs extra. The devices need to be unlocked or access codes available.
Database and Internet Searches
Our North Queensland investigators data mine public records, as well as using advanced search techniques and industry subscribed tools to get results. We know where to look, how to think outside the box and we move quickly to maximise results. We subscribe to industry databases that hold various rental and finance records.
Reverse Phone Number, Name and Address Checks
Surveillance NQ have access to the same systems credit agencies use and can identify an address from a listed phone number, then back-track the history of occupants at that address. By default, most mobile numbers are listed as silent; we can often check and match names. Facebook and other social media offers a wealth of information, if looked at right.
De-Bugging or Sweeps
Cheap or quick bug sweeps and DIY bugging solutions often miss active devices and can be a waste of money. Surveillance NQ can sweep for listening devices and covert cameras using our specialty equipment (worth more than $25,000). To sweep an average home thoroughly can take a full day for two men. You can rest confidently once we have completed the task.
GPS Tracking
We can install tracking software in your own vehicle or a fleet car, which maps the vehicle route and speed. The information can be provided live via SIM card, or the history can be provided via download. We can also set alerts when the driver arrives or leaves a nominated area. Tracking units are available for purchase or weekly hire. There are many options with GPS, so we recommend consultations first.
Internet Dating Validations
Checks can establish if the person you are talking to is who they say they are. We establish if records exist in their given identity, or find a true identity in fraudulent cases. Don't be a victim of internet fraud, fake profiles and cheaters. Call Surveillance NQ for assistance and peace of mind.
Paraben USBs
These USBs are DIY tools for computing forensics on PCs. They can recover both live and deleted data, including chat history and images. There is also a Windows Breaker to avoid password protection for user accounts. Paraben have USB options for smartphones (both iPhone and Android models) as well as laptops and desktops.

Other Services

Welfare Checks
We will check on those you cannot reach or travel to, the troubled kids, aged or sick people. If you have not heard from someone, or they won't answer phones or return messages, we can simply conduct a field call. We visit and door knock them to report back, and will recommend basic agency referrals if further assistance is required. While there we can observe simple things. We may give you peace of mind such as state of cleaning in the home, general well-being and their mental health state. We will happily do this $50/hr and 65c/km, no minimum invoice, but do ask for plenty of notice.
Real Estate and Property Checks
We can check on your rental property. Do you have bad tenants, or are they moving owing rent with no forwarding
address? Are you looking to purchase a property, but want a report on the area or street? Do you need photos of wild parties by tenants, or bad behaviours or even criminal activity there? We can cover all these, and recommend contacting us for more details. We have access to the land titles databases and can provide a Certificate of Title, Historical Title searches and more. Ask us more about this. You need an owner's name or actual street address or lot and plan numbers.
Process Serving Documents
This can be quickly effected by us, including divorce and family law papers, applications to vary orders, witness summonses and more. We usually locate, serve and endorse the oath of service; and return to you within the week unless more urgent. Just let us know timeframes.
DNA Comparison Tests
These tests use pathology to determine family lineage or paternity. DNA tests can connect you with a long-lost parent or other relative, confirm child support or help to confront a cheating spouse. In some child support cases it can disprove a child is yours. A mouth swab is usually taken, then securely mailed to and from an accredited laboratory for testing. The results are usually back within 7 days. Prices for testing are available on request.
Testing Kits
There are a variety of test kits available on the internet, we recommend Checkmate kits, that identify residual semen that can be found on underwear, common in infidelity cases. Mouth swab drug kits are recommended to test for the use of marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine.

Locate Services

Locating People
Our comprehensive location services may assist you find a person. Somebody owe you money? Are you missing assets or want to find the owner of a block of land you wish to purchase. Have you had bad tenants skip with no forwarding address? Has an employee skipped with money from your business? Customers who are not up to speed with information technologies (IT) or time poor, use us.
We use database mining, subscription services and advanced search capabilities. With a good knowledge of what, how and where to search, is how we do it quickly and effectively, leading to more successful outcomes. Techniques for tracing skippers and dodgy and or fraudulent people, is a skill and learned from years of in policing background. We can pick up on aliases used and other tricks they try in eluding legal processes.
Corporate Assistance is in many forms, from checking on employee activity, franchisee behaviour, intellectual property theft, trademark and copyright breaches. Let us tailor a plan to investigate your problem.
Law Firms often hire us to attempt to locate witnesses in cases. We can locate ex-partners for document service and collection in divorces and many other proceedings.
Family Law matters are sensitive issues. We can locate your ex-partner. Do you want to know where they are and who they are with now? Is that person suitable around your children?
Liquidators can access support before, during and after legal actions are commenced. We can track missing assets, or locate where items have been shifted to, with simple field work and observations.
Family Tree blanks occur over time. People move interstate, or contact just fades away over the years. Let us try and find them for you. Just provide the last known details, and we can get to work for you.
Children runaway and go missing, we can be engaged before police get interested in your case, usually 48 hours. We consider all missing children as urgent.
Teenagers take risks and exhibit bad behaviour, we can observe and report back to parents. What do they do, where do they go and who visits your home while you're at work? Are they drinking or doing drugs?
Contact us to discuss your needs or to seek advice
We are based in Townsville, serving all northern areas